Sights of Resdayn – Another New Video

Today we have another video of Kingdoms of Resdayn posted on YouTube! This time, instead of continuing the tour of Narsis (the next bit of which will be released in the next week), we’re focusing on Resdayn’s other sights and attractions in this video series. To start out with, per request, we’ve done a video of Yagouksu’s farm. But instead of a straight up and simple tour, we also reveal some of Yagouksu’s darkest secrets, and how he’s managed to grow so many crops in the first place!

If you’d like, you can request that we do a video of one of your builds and we’ll get around to it in the “Sights of Resdayn” video series eventually. I can’t guarantee I won’t reveal all of your darkest secrets in the process though. After all, what’s the fun of having a video done of your builds if you aren’t the least bit defamed in the process?

In any event, stay tune for more videos of Resdayn, and do let us know what improvements you’d like to see!

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