Mob Arena Back Online

Narsis Mob ArenaHey everyone, I’m pleased to announce that MobArena has been re-enabled and updated, you can now play in the arena at Narsis! We’ve kept the entry fee the same, a cool $100, but the rewards did see a slight nerf, so don’t expect to walk out with big stacks of diamonds! Some of the old restrictions also still apply, you can only play with two through six people, you can’t play solo! Now for those unused to the MobArena commands, I believe we have a number of them listed in our Commands List page, but we’ll also be covering how to join and play in the arena in the upcoming Kingdoms of Resdayn Tutorial Video (to be aired in the next week and a half).

Of Course, we may still have to disable MobArena depending on memory usage hi-jinks. Please try to moderate your time playing in the arena! In the past, one of the major memory usage problems we had was simply people using the arena too much. They would login and literally just play the arena for four to six hours straight, putting stress on the server. Try and play in smaller doses, and be considerate of other players who would also like to join.

Now that MobArena is re-enabled, the next two mods I’d like to bring back to the server are Dynmap (the live server map) and the PvP Arena. Both have certain challenges that must be dealt with before they can be brought back online, such as memory usage issues and the curious forced-deathsigns of the PvP Arena plugin. It may take a while, but we will work to bring both back eventually.

Anyway, that’s all for now, stay tune for more news in the future!

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