Official Server Trailer and Other News

Hey everyone, today we’ve got an official server trailer uploaded for Kingdoms of Resdayn, only took 29 months to make one for the server! I know the editing is a bit choppy, but it’s a first take, I’ll be making a few more trailers for the server in the future.

In any event, there’s a few announcements to make. First and foremost, we have a version of Mob Bounty on the server again called GenerousMobs, so you can expect to make money just by killing zombies again! I know everyone’s pretty happy to hear about that. Second, we’re going to do a No Whitelist Weekend this weekend. We haven’t done any advertising since early December, so its high time we get a few advertising threads out and lower the whitelist for a bit. Naturally, this means you should keep a look out for unsavory characters this weekend, but it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, our administrative staff will be keeping an eye on things.

Anyway, that’s all for now. The official Resdayn Tutorial Video will be posted this weekend, with Part 3 of the Tour of Narsis series coming next week, so stay tuned for that!

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