Server Tutorials Video and No Whitelist Weekend

This weekend we’re doing a no-whitelist event, starting on Friday and going through to Monday, anyone can login and try out the server without having to request whitelist first! We’ll also be posting advertisements on various Minecraft-related threads for the first time in nearly four months to get a bit of recruitment going. If you’re a new player, you can login to the server right away at our server IP:

Now, we’ve also posted a tutorial video for getting started on Kingdoms of Resdayn. This goes over some of the basic commands, where you can build, the server rules, and stuff like that. If you’re new, or looking to join the server, you might find this video useful. Of course, these tutorials don’t cover everything. Some of the more advanced plugins aren’t mentioned here, but our players are always helpful so if you want to know more about Runecraft or Citizens, just ask them about it!

That’s all for now, we’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled videos next week, which can now be found on their own website page.

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