Narsis CTF Arena Re-Opens

narsis-ctf-arenaAfter a lengthy delay, we’ve finally brought the Narsis CTF Arena back online. Those of you who might remember will recall we originally took the arena offline due to an incompatibility with death signs and the CTF Arena causing a number of issues. These issues have now been fixed, and you can join and play in the arena with a minimum of four players by typing /pa Narsis_CTF red or /pa Narsis_CTF blue to join one of the two arena teams. We’ve updated the Commands List on the website with additional arena commands for future reference. The cost of entry is $100, and rewards have been set for each kill and flag capture. Do let us know if you think the rewards are too great or too few in number.

Although the CTF Arena is back online, it should be pointed out that open-world PvP is still against the rules. PvP is only acceptable in the Narsis CTF Arena or the old PvP Arena outside of Bodrum, unless both parties mutually agree to PvP.

In any event, this pretty much just leaves our dynmap plugin as the last one we need to update and re-install. We’re in the process of removing old web dynmap files, and once that’s complete, we’ll update to the latest version available. You can now keep track of which plugins are installed on our Server Plugin List page, to be updated in the future with each new plugin/deactivation of each plugin.

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