A Tour of Narsis Part 3 – The Penultimate Edition

Greetings everyone, today we resume our videos of Resdayn with the next-to-last episode of the Tour of Narsis series. In this episode, we wrap up our tour of the southern districts of Narsis, including Oakwood Lake District built by Superfantastic, Godsreach District built by Irnot, and Hlaalu District built by Darkelfguy. This episode more or less covers the last of the important sights and sounds of mainland Narsis, and in the next episode we’ll finish things up with the Nether District.

While our “Tour of Narsis” videos will be coming to a close, we’ll be continuing our “Sights of Resdayn” series for as long as people keep requesting builds to be recorded. If you have something you’d like to see in a video, do let us know and we’ll get around to it eventually!

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