Sights of Resdayn – Creeperton

Hello everyone, making up for the complete lack of videos last week, we have yet another new video up for you today! In today’s episode of “Sights of Resdayn”, we’re taking a look at one of the server’s many towns, Creeperton, built by Zrh5033, KesTheBa, and Shaidon in 2012. As you might expect with a town closely associated with creepers and the Thinder God, there’s a fair bit of nonsense in the air and a number of curious sights to see.

Now if you’d like to see a different build showcased in the next episode of “Sights of Resdayn”, or perhaps even one of your own constructions, you should leave a request in the comments and we’ll get to it as soon as we can!

Hope you enjoy the video, and if you missed it, the third episode of the Tour of Narsis was posted yesterday.

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