Server News – Plugin Updates So Far

The Velothi Mountains

Alright, it’s time for a quick status update of the server. We updated to Minecraft 1.7.9 almost a month ago, and for the most part, there’s only been a few server crashes and general error reporting. As for the state of our plugins, most plugins seem to be working, with MobArena and mcMMO successfully getting updated. Unfortunately, we cannot update Citizens (our NPC mod), Denizens (our Quests mod), Sentry, or Runecraft just yet due to errors with the updates or (in the case of Runecraft and Denizens) because no new versions have been released. I’ll continue monitoring the plugin situation and update everything as soon as it’s available.

In other news, the build competition will be posted (for real this time) on the 26th of June. It’s already written up with a selected theme and rewards, it’s just waiting to be published and officially announced at this point. I do apologize for the delay, this new competition is now two months behind schedule and I cannot account for such lax upkeep on my part. But in any event, it’ll be up for all to see in just a day or two so stay tuned!

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