The Fourteenth Build Competition – Shrines, Temples and the Occult

Cheydinhal District

Well, there’s no denying it, this build competition is veeeeeery late! This competition was supposed to be posted back in April to correspond with the Blood Moon, yet here we are near the end of June! I apologize to everyone for the significant delay on my part in getting things organized and back on track. In any event, I present the fourteenth build challenge!

*Build Challenge – Shrines, Temples and the Occult

This month’s challenge is to build a shrine, temple or something of the occult dedicated to any of your choice of deity, daedra, daemon, or Elder Thing from a long forgotten age. For example, you could build a shrine dedicated to Sheogorath, or a temple of Diabella, or build something from Lovecraftian lore! Anything related to shrines, temples or the occult will be accepted, and as usual, you can use any building material you want provided you get these building materials yourself. Builds will be judged in three categories: Theme (does it match with the theme of the competition?), Effort (how much work did you put into it?), and Design (how well is it designed?). The competition ends on August 18th.


1st Place – A download code for FarCry 3Grid 2, and Dead Space 2 on Steam, 180 diamonds, $13000 (in-game cash) and 3000xp.

2nd Place – A download code for Hard Reset and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on Steam, 120 diamonds, $10500 (in-game cash) and 2000xp.

3rd Place – A download code for Monaco on Steam, 90 diamonds, $8400 (in-game cash), and 1000xp.

4th Place – 65 diamonds, $5000 (in-game cash), and 800xp.

All Entries – 35 diamonds, $2200 (in-game cash) and 350xp.

*Note: If the winner already owns one of these games, they can request to switch them out with a similar title.
As always, this competition is as much about having fun as it is winning! Good luck!

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