Server News Roundup – January 2014

The Rising Sun of the EastGreetings everyone, as there’s been a few rumors going around about the state of the server, I thought I’d take the time to confirm a few suspicions and also announce a few new things for the server going forward.

First, yes we are removing Runecraft. It won’t be right away, we’ll be removing it at the end of next week. This should give you time to do what you want with your runes before they get deactivated. Why is Runecraft being removed? Right now, it’s the prime suspect for what’s been causing recent server crashes, and it’s likely to blame for lag issues as well. This hasn’t been confirmed, however, so I’ll be observing server performance over the next week to see how the server handles and if the server doesn’t do any better after Runecraft is removed, we may bring it back in some form.

Second, I’m planning to re-active Mob Arena and Dynmap in the near future. Before this can happen, I’ll need to update server files for both plugins, and I need to remove a large volume of outdated map information (this will likely cause a lot of server lag, so I’m planning to delete these old files during less populated hours during the early morning and late evening).

Third, as most of you may have noticed, I haven’t been around much. I have a rather heavy semester (finally graduating with my Bachelor’s, hopefully), and I’m preoccupied with several independent projects outside of class to build up my resume, so I’m officially giving notice that I won’t be available much during the next several months. If you really need an admin, you can still contact myself, Zrh, Smart, or Hawk via Steam and we’ll get to you when we can.

Fourth, I plan to bring the Daily Guar back starting next week, assuming I can generate a large enough backlog to satisfy a Monday-Wednesday-Friday newspaper schedule. So with any luck, we can get something back to normal.

Finally, I’ll confirm that the new build competition will be announced on Monday, February 3rd. The theme isn’t concrete yet, so if you have a theme suggestion, feel free to head on over to the forums and post it there for consideration. There’s no guarantee that any of the themes will be chosen, but they will be considered as a possibility for the build competition.

That’s all for now, happy year of the Horse everyone! Stay tune for more news in the following weeks!

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