Server Videos

On this page you can find the various videos of the server, including trailers, tutorials, tours, and build spotlight videos. We’ll update this page with each new video uploaded, and if you’d like us to cover a particular build or event in video-form, do let us know and we’ll get around to it eventually!

Server Trailer:

This is the first official server trailer. Unfortunately it’s not exactly perfect, apparently there’s a “cinematic mode” in Minecraft and it wasn’t used in this case. We’ll post future trailers here as well, which hopefully with a bit of practice will turn out better.


In this video, we cover a number of the functions and uses of the plugins installed on the server. This tutorial video is recommended primarily for new players or players interested in signing up. It doesn’t cover everything, mostly just the basics and server rules, and it is once again narrated by server owner Darkelfguy.

A Tour of Narsis:

This video series is a tour of our capital city of Narsis, covering the various districts. Right now we only have three videos in this series, but ultimately there’ll be four videos in this series, covering every district and unique location. The tour of Narsis is, of course, narrated by none other than server owner Darkelfguy, whose smooth Midwestern accent will guide you through our fair capital.

Sights of Resdayn:

In this video series, we cover various player builds, typically by user-request. This series is completely dependent on user demand, so these are produced whenever a request is made, and once again this is narrated by server owner Darkelfguy, who may or may not fabricate details about players featured in the videos.

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