Server Downloads

Note: Here you can find downloads for all current and past server worlds. This includes all files associated with the server, such as bukkit files, plugin files, and server configurations. You can download each world to use for your own personal savegame, or use these files to set up your own servers or anything else you want. If you have any trouble with the download links, please let me know and I’ll try and get it fixed!


Old World (Active December 2011 – December 2014):

Download Here

Includes the main world, jungle world, and the Velothian Mountains world.

Warning: File Size is over 30gb! If you have a slow internet connection, this WILL take a long time to download! Unpacked, these files are over 60gb, so please be sure you have enough room on your hard-drive first before downloading.


Current World (Active December 2014 – August 2015)

Download Here

Includes the main world, the end, and nether world.

Warning: File Size is 1gb. Unpacked, files should be about 3~4gb in total.