A Tour of Narsis – Part 2

Today, the second part of the “Tour of Narsis” series has been uploaded to YouTube, going over the central districts of Narsis. Once again, the video is a good 28 minutes long, with an added experimental intro that I’ve been working on. Do let me know if I should keep the intro, expand it, or drop it entirely.

Anyway, hope you all like the video, and if you have any suggestions for future videos, do let me know in the forums/comments!

Sights of Resdayn – Another New Video

Today we have another video of Kingdoms of Resdayn posted on YouTube! This time, instead of continuing the tour of Narsis (the next bit of which will be released in the next week), we’re focusing on Resdayn’s other sights and attractions in this video series. To start out with, per request, we’ve done a video of Yagouksu’s farm. But instead of a straight up and simple tour, we also reveal some of Yagouksu’s darkest secrets, and how he’s managed to grow so many crops in the first place!

If you’d like, you can request that we do a video of one of your builds and we’ll get around to it in the “Sights of Resdayn” video series eventually. I can’t guarantee I won’t reveal all of your darkest secrets in the process though. After all, what’s the fun of having a video done of your builds if you aren’t the least bit defamed in the process?

In any event, stay tune for more videos of Resdayn, and do let us know what improvements you’d like to see!

A Tour of Narsis – New YouTube Video Series

Greetings everyone, I’m pleased to announce that we’re going to start uploading a few videos of the server on YouTube. To start out with, we’re doing a video-tour of our capital city of Narsis, since the city is so very large and people tend to get lost a lot (especially new players). I have to admit that I’m new to narrating videos however, and truth be told I’m a bit of a hermit so I don’t really talk to people much, even myself, so I must apologize ahead of time for a few vocal mistakes and inaccuracies. Anyway, the video is 28 minutes long and covers the five northern districts of Narsis. I expect this video series to be about three-four videos long, each video covering a different portion of Narsis, and I’d like to get at least one video out a week.

In any event, I hope you all enjoy this video, and if nothing else, at least now we can finally put that dreadful rumor of my accent to rest. As this video clearly showcases, I have a deep Midwestern drawl, and I think we can all agree that there’s not one hint of British piracy anywhere in my voice.

If you have suggestions for future videos, do let us know on the forums!

The Thirteenth Build Competition – Valentines and Brimstone

Narsis Nether Island EstateThis was meant to be posted last week, but was delayed due to various other projects. In any event, I present the thirteenth build competition, our first mixed theme build challenge!

*Build Challenge – Valentine’s Day and Brimstone

This month’s challenge is to build something related to Valentine’s Day, either in a historic context or a more traditional holiday context. Alternatively, you can instead build something related to all things hellish! Including Daedra, demons, hellfire and brimstone, you know all that fun stuff. Of course, you can combine these two differing themes into one build as well! Anything related to Valentine’s Day and/or brimstone will be accepted. As usual you can use any building material, provided you get these building materials yourself. Builds will be judged in three categories: Design (How well it is designed?), Uniqueness (is it the same as everyone else’s?), and Effort (How much work was put into it?). The competition ends on March 28th.


  • 1st Place – A download code for Mafia IIDoom 3: BFG Edition, and Brutal Legend on Steam, 180 diamonds, $14000 (in-game cash), and 3500xp.
  • 2nd Place – A download code for Killing Floor and Stacking on Steam, 120 diamonds, $11000 (in-game cash), and 2800xp.
  • 3rd Place – A download code for Sanctum 2 on Steam, 80 diamonds, $8900 (in-game cash), and 2000xp.
  • 4th Place – 60 diamonds, $6500 (in-game cash) and 1000xp.
  • All Entries – 35 diamonds, $2000 (in-game cash) and 500xp.
*Note: If the winner already owns one of these games, they can request to switch them out with a similar title.
As always, this competition is as much about having fun as it is winning! Good luck!

Server News Roundup – January 2014

The Rising Sun of the EastGreetings everyone, as there’s been a few rumors going around about the state of the server, I thought I’d take the time to confirm a few suspicions and also announce a few new things for the server going forward.

First, yes we are removing Runecraft. It won’t be right away, we’ll be removing it at the end of next week. This should give you time to do what you want with your runes before they get deactivated. Why is Runecraft being removed? Right now, it’s the prime suspect for what’s been causing recent server crashes, and it’s likely to blame for lag issues as well. This hasn’t been confirmed, however, so I’ll be observing server performance over the next week to see how the server handles and if the server doesn’t do any better after Runecraft is removed, we may bring it back in some form.

Second, I’m planning to re-active Mob Arena and Dynmap in the near future. Before this can happen, I’ll need to update server files for both plugins, and I need to remove a large volume of outdated map information (this will likely cause a lot of server lag, so I’m planning to delete these old files during less populated hours during the early morning and late evening).

Third, as most of you may have noticed, I haven’t been around much. I have a rather heavy semester (finally graduating with my Bachelor’s, hopefully), and I’m preoccupied with several independent projects outside of class to build up my resume, so I’m officially giving notice that I won’t be available much during the next several months. If you really need an admin, you can still contact myself, Zrh, Smart, or Hawk via Steam and we’ll get to you when we can.

Fourth, I plan to bring the Daily Guar back starting next week, assuming I can generate a large enough backlog to satisfy a Monday-Wednesday-Friday newspaper schedule. So with any luck, we can get something back to normal.

Finally, I’ll confirm that the new build competition will be announced on Monday, February 3rd. The theme isn’t concrete yet, so if you have a theme suggestion, feel free to head on over to the forums and post it there for consideration. There’s no guarantee that any of the themes will be chosen, but they will be considered as a possibility for the build competition.

That’s all for now, happy year of the Horse everyone! Stay tune for more news in the following weeks!

Website Back Online

Frost and AzuraHey everyone, I know a lot of people have probably been curious about what’s been happening with the website. Well, long story short, there was a security breach with WordPress and we had to delete the website to prevent an intrusion. That was two weeks ago, we’ve since updated to the latest, and more secure, version of WordPress and rebuilt the site. Now this does mean we lost all the old news archives on the website, but you can find all news items, going back all the way to 2011, over on the backup blog, so no real loss there.

In other news, new warps have been added for Tel Rana (/warp Tel_Rana) and Markarth (/warp Markarth). These new towns will be added to our official warp list shortly, and we’ll be updating the build competition screenshots with the latest entries in the next week or so.

Apologies for any inconvenience the temporary web shortage may have caused.

The Twelfth Build Competition – Results

The twelfth build competition has come to a close, and the judging is now complete. This time around we had five entries submitted, but only three were judged due to two entries not meeting the competition requirements.

For this competition each entry was judged by three separate judges and was rated in three categories (Design, Theme, and Effort) on a 1-10 point scale and the theme was the Elder Scrolls. The entry with the most points won.

Without further ado, the results.

Creeper and Inky’s “Markarth”

Creeper's Markarth

Creeper's Markarth - City SquareJudge 1: Design – 8, Theme – 10, Effort – 8

Judge 2: Design – 6, Theme – 8, Effort – 8

Judge 3: Design – 8, Theme – 7, Effort – 9

Total Points: 72

Exo’s “Tel Rana”

Exo's Tel Rana - Night

Exo's Tel Rana - DawnJudge 1: Design – 8, Theme – 10, Effort – 8

Judge 2: Design – 7, Theme – 9, Effort – 8

Judge 3: Design – 8, Theme – 7, Effort – 9

Total Points: 73

Zy’s “Skyrim Roller Coaster”

Zy's Skyrim Roller Coaster

Judge 1: Design – 7, Theme – 10, Effort – 7

Judge 2: Design – 6, Theme – 7, Effort – 4

Judge 3: Design – 7, Theme – 7, Effort – 9

Total Points: 64

And the winners are…

1st Place – Exovian!

2nd Place- Creeper and Inky!

Honorary 2nd Place – Herb and Elvish with “Riften”!

3rd Place – Zy!

Congrats to everyone who participated, they all spent a lot of time and effort on their builds and well-deserve their rewards!

To the winners , please contact me in-game about getting your rewards!